Three wrong goals in a gym

Everyone has her or his own goal while going to a gym, and if it is wrong, be ready to disappointments and not efficient workouts. In this article, we will figure out which motivation in the sport will leave you behind other visitors of the gym.

1. Concentration on the number of pounds to lose

Aims to get rid of weight very often disappoint people. Scales do not separate the mass of the fat or muscles; as well it usually depends on the quantity if drunk water.   Of course, you may aim at some weight, but do not be obsessed with scales and do not lose your spirit if you see that after a week of workouts, you lost nothing.

The right goal is to improve your health. Develop your physical flexibility or strength, up to you. If you like how you feel after workouts, keep it up.

2. Exhaust yourself

Yes, sometimes sportsmen work at maximum capacity, but they have prepared for a very long time. Your body and willpower are not ready for tiresome exercises and training, and such activity will bring you more harm than benefit. If you feel exhausted and have very hard delayed onset muscle soreness, you were trying too hard; back off a little. You have to improve your physical shape step by step. A perfect way to do sport is when your workouts are implemented under the supervision of your coach; he or she will control your workouts to prevent traumas and little injuries, which can negatively affect your further sports activity.

3. Try to look like a model

Many people who look on the body of professional athletes or models feel not beautiful. This feeling will not motivate you too long, and, recognizing your defeat, a bunch of cookies and chocolate will worsen your body condition. You need to understand that those people devote a great deal of time and efforts for this activity; if you are engaged in other important business and cannot spend more than several hours a week to the gym, face the truth and do not fall into despair. As well, you need to consult with a coach, who will advise you the most effective type of training. Instead of driving to look like your favorite blogger, find the sport which can make you happy. If you feel satisfied after workouts, you are doing right, and compare yourself not to superstars, but to previous yourself.

As well, remember general recommendations concerning your sports goal:

  1. It has to be the realistic goal, and you need to be sure that you can implement it within some period.
  2. Your aim must be oriented on self-development, and not to surpass somebody.
  3. It has to be implemented in the near future.
  4. Your achievements must be estimated.

However, even achievable goals can fail, but that is not the reason to despair. Success or failure is only part of your total experience, and ultimately you will reach your goals.

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